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Widely Used Deposit Methods in Online Gambling

The world is changing and everything can now be done at the comfort of one’s home. The same is true for gambling too. Once played only at casinos located at physical locations, games are now played at online casinos that are on the rise now. With the advancement in technology and easy accessibility to internet, casino games are loved by many people just from the comfort of their homes.

How to Pay for Playing Games in Online Casinos

To join an Online Casino, players need to open an account with the online casinos (like Captain Cooks casino online) and deposit money into the account for playing any type of game online. So, whether a player wishes to play poker, slot machines or bingo, they need to first deposit the minimum amount of money to proceed with the game.

Deposit Methods

Deposit methods are nothing but the various ways through which payment is made to the online casinos/online gambling into the player’s respective accounts. The types of deposit methods are restricted based on the law of the country.

For example, while the law is friendly towards, US laws are very strict. Hence, the number of ways in which the gambling account is funded is limited in US. Also, the number of gamblers in online casinos are limited in US as compared to number of gamblers in UK.

Types of Deposit Methods

The following list of popular Deposit methods are followed across the world. Some of these methods might not be appropriate for some countries based on their law.
Credit Cards
Most of the users throughout the world have a debit card or credit card through Visa or Master card. This makes this mode of payment the most popular and the simplest form in online Deposits. In fact, the oldest form of Deposit method is the payment through credit cards. In US, payment through
credit cards is preferred by American gamblers because they don’t have many options like e-Wallets that are not approved by the American law. The main advantage of using a credit card is that the amount is instantly credited and money is instantly accessed. Other than that, there are many reward options for using credit card and using credit cards are said to minimize fraud.The main drawback of credit card payment is that many online casinos charge service charges of up to 4.9% which means that you pay more than what you are intended to. Another drawback is the type of credit card being accepted. Though many of the casinos accept all types of casinos, there are few casinos that don’t accept Master Card.

Mobile Payments

This option would be great for players who want to play games on the go. It is great because the payment is instant.


Considered to be popular once, this method is not popular anymore with the rise of credit cards and e-wallets. Some online casinos accept this mode.


Prepaid vouchers are another option that used be used to deposit in Casinos. Few players consider this option as they need not link their credit card or bank account to the casinos.


E-Wallets are becoming more and more popular for financial transactions in the gambling sector. An e-Wallet is something where one can store money in digital form. Once stored, they allow the users to make purchases (goods and services) online. One popular e-Wallet is the PayPal. E-Wallets are created by signing up with the provider and linking

a banking account or credit card to the signed-up account. Once done, the players can use it online casinos and make deposits.The main benefit of using E-Wallet is instant money transfer. Many casinos make instant transfer to the e-Wallet accounts almost instantaneously. The only downside is that E-Wallets are still restricted in some casinos and many online casinos don’t accept few e-wallets.

Bank Transfers

By directly linking the personal bank accounts to the online casino account, money transfers can be done. In addition to Credit card and E-Wallets, this the third popular methods in Depositing funds to casinos. Once the bank routing number and personal account number is given to the casino and it is confirmed by the casino, then you can start depositing

cash to your casino account to start playing. The advantage of using this method is that many casinos give higher limits to those who use this method to attract high rollers. If you do not want to rush and if you are a high roller, then this is the best option for you.The main disadvantage of this method is that money is not quickly transferred as in using Credit cards or e-Wallets.